Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

         Status of Enterprise

        Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Limited Company is a limited responsibility company cooperatively established in 2001 by Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (holding unit) and Shenyang Scientific and Technological Venture Investment Limited Company, we are an enterprise of high and new technologies recognized by the provincial Scientific and Technological Department, and is the crystal of the cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences, local government and firm;we also are the Research Center of Liaoning Fertilizer Engineering and Technology, and the Shenyang Research and Popularization Center for New-type Fertilizer Techniques. We mainly engages in the researches, exploitations and popularizations of new-type fertilizers (mainly being longer available fertilizers) of longer fertilizer effects and high utilization ratios as well as the management of correlative products. We alsoundertake the technological alteration and engineering design of chemical fertilizer enterprise, and it transfers part of patent technologies to other enterprises. Since the establishment of Zhongke Fertilizer Co., Ltd., we always uphold the management principle of "to develop along with customers, and to existalong with farmers". Zhongke Fertilizeris vigorously promoting technological advancement and product development. By years of accumulation, we have won a second prize of Chinese Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and a first prize of Liaoning Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award. In year 2013, Zhongke Fertilizer has passed the re-examination of Liaoning Provincial High-Tech Enterprises. The controlled-releasing fertilizer's development, production and spreading that we have done is not only providing new technology and products for manufacturing enterprises, but also creates significant economic and social benefits for our society.


        1.    Research and Development Status of Enterprise

        Research and Development Status of Enterprise 1) Research and Development Investment in Recent Years Zhongke Fertilizer emphasizes the new product development, and invests very large amount of fund on the research and development of new product; purchasing experiment devices; technological cooperation and etc. The accumulated investment of recent three year accounts over 4 million RMB. 2) Research and Development Force In 2013, Zhongke Fertilizer has 31 Research and Development Department staffs: 24 staffs have bachelor degree or higher; 4 staffs have diploma. The staffs graduated diploma or higher account more than 40% of total staffs. Our Research and Development Department staffs are in charge of new products’ development as well as the production-line and devices’ refinement and development. Our Research and Development staffs are graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University and other well-known agricultural universities. Our young and outstanding R&D teamprovides fundamental and guarantyfor the enterprise’s scientific development, and ensures that theory and practice can be combined in the research and development, and ensures the core technology’s formation and development. Under the lead of general manager Shi Yuanliang, Zhongke Fertilizer has achieved remarkable results. 3) Structure of Research and DevelopmentDepartment Zhongke Fertilizer’s Research and Development is established in 2007. The continually technical advancement is one of the key factors that lead us to success. We have invested very large amount of resources to preserve our leading pace on R&D and technicaladvancement, and utilizes this advantage to foresee the trend of future products. The constantly researching and refining of ourselves has already made us differentiated from our competitors. We carry out research and development in accordance with customers’ needs, and design products along with market trend. Zhongke Fertilizer is fully equipped with experimenting devices and corresponding inspecting skills, and serves the product in R&D, experiment and inspection, thus to ensure the precision and high level of product.

        An enterprise’s growth cannot be separated with scientific and technological advancements. Zhongke Fertilizer upholds the management principle of “to develop along with customers; and to existalong with farmers; and to win market share with advanced technology” for years since from our establishment, and put major emphasis on the scientific development. We have formed collaboration with 22 research institutes such as Dalian Academy of Agricultural Sciences domestically, and established the Domestic Slow-release and Controlled-release Fertilizer Demonstration Network.


        In December 2010, 68 fertilizer related enterprises, institutions, and universities including Zhongke Fertilizer together joined and witnessed the establishment of the China Stabilized Fertilizer Alliance, and ensures our leading pace in the stabilizedfertilizer field. In 2013, the China StabilizedFertilizer Alliance has been chosen as one of the major breeding allianceby Chinese Ministry of Scientific and Technology.
        5) Scientific and Technical Training Status
        Zhongke Fertilizer emphasizes the cultivation of scientific and technical talents, and arranges regular seminar and training on technology. We have also employed Dr. Пачов and Dr.Чайкинаfrom Russian Academy of Sciences, and Jiafa Luo from New Zealand Royal Academy of Agricultural Science as our professional tutors. As a result, the staffs improve significantly.

        Innovation Status of Enterprise in Recent Years


        1) Research and Development Projects and New Products in Recent Years
        In order to preserve the leading pace in the fertilizer industry, Zhongke Fertilizer constantly increases investment on technological advancement. In recent 3 years, Zhongke Fertilizer carries out 11 In-progress Research and Development Projects, which the following projects have obtained Scientific and Technological Funding support:“The Test on Detoxification Enzyme of Organic Phosphorus andPyrethroid Pesticide”; “The Development of Nitrogen Fertilizer Synergistic Anti-Pollution Agent”; “The Research on Key Technology of New-TypeSuperfine Phosphate Fertilizer Industrialization”; and “The Industrialization of Controlled-Release Additive (NAM) for Fertilizer”.
        The products of Zhongke Fertilizer are broadly used in variety of fields. We serve high and new technology over China with our new and high end technologies, fine equipment and devices, which helps our products to be better in domestic field.
        The typical products are:
        1. Long Effective Fertilizer Additive NAM Series: The NAM series is produced according to the patented technologies of: “A Producing Method of Controlled-Release Fertilizer (containing nitrogen)”, and “A Producing Method of Controlled-Release Urea with Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors”. The key technology is to organically combining urease and nitrification inhibitors, and utilizes the synergic effect of inhibitors to better control the transformation and releasing period of nitrogen in the soil, increases the utilization of nitrogen from fertilizer; and thus to achieve the results of reduce fertilizer application, once application, and avoids topping manure application.
        2. Controlled-Release Fertilizer Series: the Zhongkehong Controlled-Release Fertilizer series is produced according tothe patented technology of “The Additive for Controlled-Release Compound Fertilizer”. The core technology includes: utilizing the urease and nitrification inhibitors’ synergic effect to extend the effective period of fertilizer in the soil, and stimulates the effectiveness and utilization of phosphorus fertilizer.
        3. Stabilized Compound Fertilizer Series: The Zhongkehong Stabilized Fertilizer series is produced according to the patented technology of “A Producing Method and Its Application of Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer Synergist”. The core technology includes: by utilizing synergy effect technology on nitrogen fertilizer modification, it solves the problem of single inhibitor’s short effecting period, which makes nitrogen transformation fast; contrarily, the synergist can extend nitrogen efficiency to 120 days, which is 2-2.5 times of normal fertilizers, and consequently achieves once application without topping manure.
        4. Pesticide Detoxification Enzyme: The Pesticide Detoxification Enzyme is developed from the super engineered bacteria (CYP9G2-POR) by the selecting the detoxification gene from moth and fly. Through high density fermentation of organophosphorus and pyrethroid pesticide detoxification enzymes, and synergizing this enzyme with another organophosphate detoxifying enzyme produced from bacteria DDV-1, to achieve industrialization of detoxification enzyme products.
        5. Primary Phosphorus Fertilizer: The Primary Phosphorus Fertilizer is produced under chemical-mechanical processes, which super-finely modifies the properties of grounded phosphorus powder. Consequently reduces cost of the phosphorus fertilizer, allows more available phosphorus release, and enhances the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizer.
        6. Nitrogen Fertilizer Efficiency-Enhancing Agent: The Nitrogen Fertilizer Efficiency-Enhancing Agent is produced according to the patented technology of “A Preparing Method of Nitrogen Fertilizer Loss Controlling Agent”. The core technology includes: by synergizing the transformation inhibiting characteristics of urease and nitrification inhibitors, to solve the time controlling problems of urea hydrolysis and ammonium oxidation, which controls the concentration of NH4+ and NO3-, and consequently solves the negative environmental effects of nitrogen volatilization and leaching, and enhances the efficiency of fertilizers.
        2) The Industrialization Status of Research and Development Projects
        Zhongke Fertilizer has 11 R&D projects (3 national projects, 1 provincial project, and 1municipal project) successfully transformed into Scientific achievements, 12 products, 3 inspection reports, and a novelty search report. We have also transferred 1 patent, and made 3 enterprise standards. We are the leader in domestic market on both products and technologies, which the controlled-release fertilizer and nitrogen non-point source pollution controlling technologies are at international leading pace. The R&D projects and transformed products are new- and high-tech, and highly supported by the nation.
        4. Innovative Management Status of Enterprise in Recent Years
        1) Implementing Independence Brand And Proprietary Intellectual Property RightsStrategies
        Only the professional enterprises can survive in the market, which the profession meant deep understanding and precise decision-making processes. Thus Zhongke Fertilizers emphasizes the spirit of pursuing exquisiteknowledge and rigorous objectives for research and development, the R&D of new products and new technologies are always the highest priority for Zhongke Fertilizers. In order to deliver better new products, at managing level, every single R&D project is ensured to have its own strict proposal program, and can be