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Product innovation

Product innovation

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       Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd., the Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, started the industrial application of inhibitors in improving the utilization of nitrogen fertilizers in the early 1980s. Until 2000, the single nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide (DCD) or urease inhibitor hydroquinone (HQ) was the main product, and the downstream fertilizer product was long-acting ammonium bicarbonate (the study of long-acting urea was started).


Stable fertilizer 1.0


       From 2000 to 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Applied Ecology Researchers used

the principle of synergy to construct a compound inhibitor NAM with dual functions of nitrification

inhibition and urease inhibition, including: NAM (1) used for non-staining high-nitrogen formula

compound fertilizer ; NAM (2) is used for dyeing high-nitrogen formula compound fertilizer; NAM (3) is

used for fertilizers based on ammonium nitrogen source; NAM (4) is used for urea enterprises to produce

stable urea. The downstream products are mainly high-nitrogen formula compound fertilizers, and a

representative product content formula of 48% (26-10-12, 26-11-11 and 26-12-10)) stable compound

fertilizers has been formed in the northeast. Stable urea has been fired for a period of time (2010-2015).


Stable fertilizer 2.0


       In 2011, the national standard for stable fertilizers drafted by the Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese

Academy of Sciences was introduced, and the concept of "long-lasting fertilizer" was changed to "stable fertilizer". In the past

two decades, stable fertilizers have been widely used as special fertilizers for corn in the northeast and southwest regions

relying on compound fertilizers, and have spawned the "one-shot" fertilization mode of "free chase".


2020 is the opening year. Based on crop positioning, Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

divides the additives used in stable fertilizers into: corn special NAM, rice special NAM, wheat

special NAM, value-added diammonium phosphate special NAM, urea Special-purpose NAM and

special-purpose NAM for saline-alkali soil. Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd. takes stable

fertilizer inhibitors as its innovative blueprint, and integrates polyamino acid synergistic technology,

urea-formaldehyde slow-release technology, trace element chelation technology, phosphate

fertilizer activation technology, etc., and is aimed at modern agricultural planting such as large-

scale planting and professional planting. Method, combined with regional soils, crops, and

cultivation methods to carry out applied research, to realize the multi-economy of new stable

fertilizers from only nitrogen to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and medium and trace

amounts; from simply focusing on weight loss and efficiency to reducing fertilizer and reducing The

use of top dressing can improve crop resistance and improve the multi-dimensional efficiency of



Stable fertilizer 3.0