R & D Center

        Research and Development Force



        In 2013, Zhongke Fertilizer has 31 Research and Development Department staffs: 24 staffs have bachelor degree or higher; 4 staffs have diploma. The staffs graduated diploma or higher account more than 40% of total staffs. Our Research and Development Department staffs are in charge of new products’ development as well as the production-line and devices’ refinement and development.

         Our Research and Development staffs are graduated from Shenyang Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University and other well-known agricultural universities. Our young and outstanding R&D team provides fundamental and guaranty for the enterprise’s scientific development, and ensures that theory and practice can be combined in the research and development, and ensures the core technology’s formation and development. Under the lead of general manager Shi Yuanliang, Zhongke Fertilizer has achieved remarkable results.

        Structure of Research and Development Department

        Zhongke Fertilizer’s Research and Development is established in 2007. The continually technical advancement is one of the key factors that lead us to success. We have invested very large amount of resources to preserve our leading pace on R&D and technical advancement, and utilizes this advantage to foresee the trend of future products. The constantly researching and refining of ourselves has already made us differentiated from our competitors. We carry out research and development in accordance with customers’ needs, and design products along with market trend. Zhongke Fertilizer is fully equipped with experimenting devices and corresponding inspecting skills, and serves the product in R&D, experiment and inspection, thus to ensure the precision and high level of product.

        Industry-University-Research (IUR) Cooperation Status


          An enterprise's growth cannot be separated with scientific and technological advancements. Zhongke Fertilizer upholds the management principle of "to develop along with customers; and to existalong with farmers; and to win market share with advanced technology" for years since from our establishment, and put major emphasis on the scientific development. We have formed collaboration with 22 research institutes such as Dalian Academy of Agricultural Sciences domestically, and established the Domestic Slow-release and Controlled-release Fertilizer Demonstration Network
          In December 2010, 68 fertilizer related enterprises, institutions, and universities including Zhongke Fertilizer together joined and witnessed the establishment of the China Stabilized Fertilizer Alliance, and ensures our leading pace in the stabilizedfertilizer field. In 2013, the China StabilizedFertilizer Alliance has been chosen as one of the major breeding allianceby Chinese Ministry of Scientific and Technology