R & D Center

        The main project



        Nearly three years, my company the main research projects conducted as follows:

        1. The national science and technology support projects - sanjiang plain white pulp soil farmland soil improvement and soil and water control technology integration and demonstration badb3b07 (2009)

        2. The ministry of science and technology transformation of agricultural achievements capital projects - p activator pilot gb24910537 (2009)

        3. The national key technology support program - stability of fertilizer research and industrialization

        4. The national science and technology support projects - binhai saline-alkali land crop stability fertilizer research and application of technology

        5. The national development and reform commission - shenyang zhongke new fertilizer co., LTD. Benxi branch fertilizer long-term relievers - NAM industrialization project

        6. Ministry of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund - stability of fertilizer additive NAM industrialization

        7. Long-term science and technology plan projects in liaoning province - compound fertilizer additives industrialization;

        8. Science and technology plan projects in shenyang - new ultra-fine phosphate fertilizer industrialization key technology joint research

        9. The Chinese academy of sciences knowledge innovation project - ecological fertilizer and biological pesticide research and demonstration

        The northeast old industrial base project, environment friendly slow-release fertilizer industrialization

        11. Jilin province with the Chinese academy of science and technology cooperation project of capital long-acting slow-release fertilizer industrialization syhz0042 (2010)

        12. Gansu project team - long-acting slow-release fertilizer to promote industrialization and demonstration

        13. The new project of Chinese academy of sciences - tomato long-effect urea industrialization

        14. Science and technology cooperation project of the Chinese academy of sciences, hubei province, poly (amino acid fertilizer efficiency research and development

        15. The taihu lake in jiangsu province network project, the controlled release effect of slow-release fertilizer research and field research

        16. Shenyang agricultural achievements transformation fund project - nitrogen fertilizer synergist - ammonium increased 1

        17. Science and technology plan of liaoning province - microelement fertilizer varieties of processing (2006402037).

        18. Sinochem entrusted project -- corn, soybeans, special compound fertilizer experiment and demonstration

        19. The red square the project - special compound fertilizer experiment and demonstration

        20, can shi feng of the project - can long-term slow-release fertilizer experiment and demonstration