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        Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd

        Introduction of Long Effect Additive – NAM Series

        Shenyang Zhongke New Fertilizer Co., Ltd is collaboratively established by Chinese Institute of Science, Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology and Shenyang Keji Venture Capital Co., Ltd. We have also established “Shenyang New Fertilizer Technology Research and Spreading Centre”, which focuses on researching and developing new fertilizers and relative products. We are aspecializedenterprise with individual legal entity, and expertise on long effect fertilizer additives and development/production of specialized fertilizerin China.

        The NAM product is a patent product holding by Chinese Institute of Science, Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology (Patent No. ZL99113382), it is an initiative domestically and world's leading technology. The NAM product is able to protect and activate phosphate element, and control nitrogen element’s transformation in soil. NAM can be easily added into compound fertilizer in most compound fertilizer production lines for producing long effective compound fertilizers. So far in China, numbers of well-known fertilizer enterprises domestically such as “Beifeng” from Heilongjiang province; “Shikefeng” from Shandong province; “Mianzhuiwang” from Jilin province are using NAM products as their fertilizer additive.

        The NAM products have advanced characteristics as following:

        1, longer effective period
        After combining NAM as additive, the compound fertilizer’s effecting period can be extended to more than 120 days, which altered traditional agriculture’s multi-application, achieved once application for most crops during production period without top applications.

        2, higher utilization
        The stabilized compound fertilizers which have added NAM products can raise the nutrient utilization rate by 42-45%, and resulted in saving fertilizer application amount. Normally under the same condition, the average saving on fertilizer can achieve up to 15-20%.

        3, better yield, saving labor
        Under the same application amount / same cost (cost of fertilizer and application labor), stabilized fertilizer with NAM additive can increase yield by 8-15%.

        4, reduce environmental contamination
        The stabilized fertilizers with NAM additiveemits significant lower amount of N2O and NO-2 than normal fertilizers, and accumulates less HNO3 and NaNO2 in vegetables and fruits.

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