In recent years, he has hosted and participated in more than 30 scientific research projects, including 3 national science and technology support projects, 2 major projects, 56 authorized patents, formulated national and industry standards for stable fertilizers, published 107 articles, and wrote 4 fertilizer books. Leading the establishment of a stable fertilizer industry technology innovation strategic alliance, closely uniting with 48 domestic and foreign agricultural science institutes, universities and companies producing stable fertilizers, exploring the development trend of stable fertilizers under market conditions, and continuously developing new product innovations , Exchange the technology, application and business philosophy of stable fertilizers, establish and improve industrial property rights such as standards, promote the healthy development of the entire industry, and improve the overall level of my country's stable fertilizer industry. The alliance was recognized as a key cultivation by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2013 alliance. In addition, it has led the establishment of a national slow and controlled release fertilizer test demonstration network, and has carried out years of comprehensive application and demonstration research on stable fertilizers across the country with 35 provincial-level agricultural sciences units, and expanded the application of stable fertilizers throughout the country, highlighting the stability Contribution of fertilizers to agriculture and the environment.

Stable Fertilizer Industry Alliance 
Cooperative Enterprise Products

In-depth exchange and learning of international 
and domestic research institutions

In 2010, General Manager Shi Yuanliang went to New Zealand Balance Company for academic exchanges

In 2011, Professor Marina of the Institute of Solid Mechanical Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences visited Shenyang for exchanges

Since 2011, cooperated with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2015 Italian Academic Exchange

Meeting with the chairman team of the International Fertilizer Science Center in 2015

In 2017, the chairman of the International Fertilizer Science Center came to China for exchanges

Field research on fertilizer efficiency

Island Fertilizer Research and Experiment-Fujian in 2020

Beet Fertilizer Research Trial-Inner Mongolia in 2020

Stable Compound Fertilizer-Sanmenxia, Henan Province in 2020

Special stable fertilizer for saline-alkali soil-Dongying, Shandong in 2019

Special stable fertilizer for saline-alkali soil-Dongying, Shandong in 2019

Organic Fertilizer Research and Experiment-Baicheng, Jilin in 2020