Pour spring cold




  This year, the ground temperature of corn can be planted at 5 degrees above zero, so early planting is not suitable.
  Everyone, the beginning of spring in 2019 is the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, which means that there is no spring in 2019. There is a good saying that spring is on New Year’s Eve and eleven is added to the coming year, which means that the spring of 2020 is on the eleventh of the first lunar month. It is said that there will be no spring in 2019! This is the origin of Daochunhan!
  What do you mean by the old rural saying, "Warm winter must have cold spring, and only after the rain can the cotton be removed"?
  And this sentence means that if winter is a warm winter, the probability of cold weather in the next year will be higher, and cold weather usually occurs before and after the valley rain, and if there is cold weather at this time, the weather will cool down. It's more powerful, so there is a saying that you can take off your coat after Gu Yu.
  Spring is the season with the biggest temperature change in all four seasons. Farmers will start planting immediately. Sowing corn in spring this year must be based on temperature changes and the planting time must be grasped in a timely manner.
  Some farmers mistakenly think that the earlier the planting is, the better. In fact, this is wrong. Sowing corn too early will result in poor seedling emergence. The planting period of spring corn is generally from the end of April to the beginning of May. After the corn is planted, the ground temperature is only 10 cm stable. The 7-day germination effect will only be reached at 12°C. If the ground temperature does not reach this temperature, the corn seeds will spend too long in the soil, which will affect the germination rate, and the barely germinated seeds will also form weak seedlings. Therefore, farmers are reminded that this year's spring corn planting must be based on temperature changes and the planting time must be grasped in a timely manner.
  Do not sow too early, spring corn is not sowing sooner, the higher the yield. Planting too early, not only the yield is low, but also the occurrence of serious diseases and insect pests. Such as rough dwarf disease, red spider and corn spot disease. This is because the corn planted at this time is in the high temperature and rainy season during pollination and filling, which can easily cause bald tips or lack of seeds. It is recommended that you do not blindly follow the trend this year. In order to avoid the hazard of cold spring to the greatest possible extent, farmers can measure the ground temperature with an ordinary long-stem thermometer before planting. Generally speaking, when the soil depth is 5-10CM, the ground temperature is stable at 10-12℃ for planting. The most suitable temperature. Only the above will germinate healthily. If the temperature is lower than this temperature, there will be uneven emergence, weak seedlings, severely broken ridges, and even the sound of powdered seeds, which will bring great economic losses to farmers and friends!
  There will be a cold spring in 2019, have you done it?