The second meeting of the first council of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Green Fertilizer Engineering Laboratory was held in Shenyang




   On September 18, 2020, the second meeting of the First Council of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Green Fertilizer Engineering Laboratory was held at the International Academic Exchange Center of Northeastern University. Yan Qing, Director of the Science and Technology Promotion and Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to attend. The meeting was presided over by researcher Zhu Jiaojun, director of the Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Engineering Laboratory. All directors (or representatives of the directors) of the council, Fang Yunting, deputy director of the Shenyang Institute of Ecology, and Wang Xugao, director of the Science and Technology Department attended the meeting.
   First of all, Chairman Zhu Jiaojun introduced the background and significance of the construction of the engineering laboratory and related matters of the first meeting, and announced the appointment of the chairman of the International Fertilizer Science and Technology Center Researcher Ji Lanzhu as the laboratory's distinguished researcher. Dr. Wei Zhanbo, deputy director of the laboratory, reported on the 2020 annual work progress and next work plan on behalf of the engineering laboratory. The members of the board of directors and leaders of the meeting fully affirmed the work of the laboratory since its establishment, and put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions on the long-term development of the laboratory.
   Yan Qing pointed out that the engineering laboratory should play the role of an intermediate bridge linking the "fruit of the flower-knotted industry of science and technology" and establish a platform for R&D, promotion and application together with enterprises. In terms of engineering laboratory system and operating mechanism, it is necessary to conscientiously implement the council mechanism, strengthen communication between the council and enterprises, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, and promote the new achievements of green fertilizers in the agricultural field.
   Finally, Zhu Jiaojun said that Shenyang Ecological Institute, as the supporting unit of the engineering laboratory, will definitely support the construction of the laboratory, do a good job in related organization and coordination, and work together with all co-construction units to build and operate the engineering laboratory. Great. (Engineering laboratory)

Chairman Zhu Jiaojun presided over the meeting
Director Yan Qing's speech
Deputy Director Wei Zhanbo made a work report
Director Wu Zhijie speaks
Group photo