Researcher Wu Zhijie was re-elected as the vice chairman of the 7th National Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Standards Committee




   From July 13th to 15th, the 7th National Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Standardization Technical Committee General Assembly and the 3rd Fertilizer Standardization Committee Nitrogen Fertilizer Branch, Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Branch, Potash Branch, and New Fertilizer Branch Inaugural Meeting were held in Longnan, Gansu The county was held, and at the same time, a working meeting for soliciting opinions on the revision of six national and industrial standards including "Fertilizer Grade Calcium Cyanamide" was held. A total of 87 people attended the meeting, including members or representatives of the Standards Committee and its fertilizer branch, representatives of standard drafting units, and representatives of related production enterprises. At this general meeting, Researcher Wu Zhijie was re-elected as the vice chairman of the 7th National Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Standards Committee.
   The conference also opened a network conference channel, the State Administration for Market Regulation Department of Standards and Technology Management, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association, China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and other units in the form of video Interact with the scene.
   Standards are the basic elements that constitute a country’s core competitiveness and an important technological system that regulates economic and social development. With the continuous deepening of the economic globalization process, the role of standards in international competition has become more prominent. Following product competition and brand competition, standard competition has become a deeper, higher level, and more influential form of competition. Fertilizers and soil conditioners (codenamed SAC/TC105) is a technical work organization engaged in national standardization work in the professional fields of fertilizers and soil conditioners, molecular sieves, and stable isotope products. It is responsible for national fertilizers and soil conditioners. , Technical centralized work in the field of molecular sieve standardization. The Fertilizer Standardization Committee is led by the National Standardization Management Committee. The Fertilizer Standardization Committee was established in 1988. Researcher Wu Zhijie was formerly the vice chairman of the sixth committee. In view of his influence and contribution in the field of new fertilizers at home and abroad, the seventh fertilizer standardization committee continued to hire him as the vice chairman. The National Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Standardization Technical Committee has six branches, namely: Nitrogen Fertilizer Branch (SC2), Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Branch (SC3), Potassium Fertilizer Branch (SC4), New Fertilizer Branch (SC5), Molecular Sieve Branch (SC6) And Humic Acid Fertilizer Branch (SC7).
   During the conference, in response to the country’s call for rural revitalization and poverty alleviation, the National Fertilizer Standards Committee and its member units carried out public welfare activities such as donating fertilizer for agriculture and donating education, and donated 210 tons of fertilizer based on the characteristics of Li County’s agriculture. (Green Fertilizer Engineering Laboratory, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Wu Zhijie speaks at the conference

Group photo of conference representatives

National Standards Appointment Letter

Donation of fertilizer to farmers and donation ceremony